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    I want to disable some datefields on the onload event depending on the values in some other fields.So i have to disable the datefields with javascript instead of the normal field disable function.


    i am using the following code:

      crmForm.all.cit_lastupdate1img.disabled = true;
      crmForm.all.cit_lastupdate1img.src = '/_imgs/btn_dis_cal.gif';


    This works fine and disables the datepicker image. But i am missing 2 things here.


    1) It is still possible to put in a date by tying it manually. How do i prevent this?

    2) How do i change the background and bordercoler of the field?(Not the image). I have tryied the following but it doesnt work.
      style.borderColor = "#c5c5c5";
      style.backgroundColor = "#eaf3ff";





    Thursday, March 27, 2008 9:36 AM

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