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  • After some digging in the forums I was able to understand that running OCS_SE_EVAL.msi and beign informed "Installation Successful" simply meant that a folder to which you need to browse and run steup.exe was created.  After that brief sticking point I was able to move forward. 


    Having moved successfully forward though both "Deploy Standard Edition" and "Active Directory Preparation" I am once again stuck and am loooking for some guidance from the community.  


    Where I am stuck is under Delegate Administration, After Running "Delegate Setup Tasks" and receiving a success the only options on the page are "Run" under "Delegate Setup Tasks" (which I again I just ran sucessfully) and of course on the bottom frame "Back" and "Exit".


    The next logical step seems to be "Delegate User Administration", however there is no "Run" only the ability to launch the Help wizard. Same for both "Delegate USer Administration" and " Delegate Read-Only Administration"


    Anyone else get "stuck" at this point?  I'll continue to search for the answer and post back if/when found.


    Thank you,



    Wednesday, April 11, 2007 1:40 PM


  • I also got stuck here.

    Ensure that the groups that you have delegated setup rights to contain the account you are logged in as.
    If you are part of the Domain Admin group you should be ok, but to be safe, maybe add yourself to the setup group too.

    Try logging out and back in again once you have done this to see if it takes affect.

    Failing that, make sure you haven't installed the Web environment, prior to finishing the installation, as this also caused me problems.
    Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:55 PM