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  • In December I had to send my Compaq Presario V6137US in for service. Apparently there is a hardware issue with certain HP notebook PC's that cause the laptop to overheat and burn up the motherboard and other components. I was unaware of this until I happened to come across an article on the web about before my laptop was sent back to me for the second time. Once I received my laptop back and made sure it was running correctly and then shut it down I wanted to make sure not to have it overheat again. I then used my husband’s laptop to research what I needed to correct the problem and make sure it did not happen again (Because of course now my machine is not under warranty) When booted the machine back up I got a screen for Windows Activation - The windows Vista Home premium product key you typed is invalid for activation (and then every time I started the laptop). Then I get 3 choices Access our computer with reduced functionality, (Which will not let me in the machine just allows me to purchase another license) Type a different product key (Which I tried typing my legitimate product key in and tells me my key is invalid), Contact Hewlett Packard.

    When I contacted HP they tell my machine is out of warranty and I can pay to fix the mistake with their tech support or call Microsoft and have them re-validate my product key. When I call Microsoft they tell me they cannot help me I have to call HP and they have to give me a static key. So now I have a paperweight because I cannot get anyone to help me.

    This is my last resort I hope you can help me.

    Thank you 

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008 5:16 PM


  • Hello Imagrumpychick,

    First off you have an OEM SLP version of Vista installed and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide you with Technical Support. Curious did you receive any aditional warantee once the laptop was repaired? There may be additional time on the actual warantee which was performed. I would research this thru the manufacturer. Next who performed the actual repairs on your laptop? Did you send the laptop back to the manufacturer, were you directed to a local service center or was a third party repair person sent to your home? Since you computer had many changes to the hardware it will require a reactivation. Please call the Microsoft Activation number again and explain to the person what happened with your computer. In turn they should provide you with an activation over ride. Hopefully this has helped you :-).

    Take care,

    Stephen Holm, MS
    WGA Forum Manager
    Stephen Holm
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