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  • Hi,

    We use the Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 to synchronize two SQL Server 2012 databases, LAN and WAN.  It is in production, and works reasonably well.  Recently I have been working with the batching folders, trying to better understand how (and where) they work.

    For a recent sync run, the LAN-side batching folder was named "sync_b4f0a031f0c144ecaeac88c442c6f94ed8060368ea904e8fa1704ea3dbb627ff".  On the WAN side, there were two folders named  "WebSync_b4f0a031f0c144ecaeac88c442c6f94e" and "MATS_53246434-b14e-42a7-8a58-737ef58c796b".  I have also seen WAN-side folders where the name begins with "sync_".

    My questions are:

    1. What is the meaning of the differently named folders on the WAN-side?

    2. On the WAN-side, we sync with multiple LAN-side clients.  How can I associate the WAN batching folder names with a specific LAN client?  I can see that the "WebSync" folder has the same "GUID" as the first part of the "GUID" in the LAN-side "sync" folder, but what about the "MATS" folder name?

    3. Finally, sometimes at the conclusion of a successful sync, the batching folders are automatically deleted, but other times they remain. This is true on both the LAN and the WAN.  Why are they not always deleted if there were no exceptions and no problems completing the sync?



    Dan Hurwitz

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 4:00 PM