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  • Dear sir,

    I am anxiously awaiting an email incorporating a XP pro product key after committing to an WGA online product key and direct cd on the 14th of May. By anxious I also mean that I have given my identity (name,address, credit card details, etc) to microsoft in an effort to rectify validation problems quickly,efficiently and for no other reason.  

    After reading the other threads, I understand that the process of validation may take some time considering that there is a backlog of requests. Delays might also be as a result of where people live and how they have made their payment. I live in Australia and have paid by CC.

    I have received an Order In Process email immediately after committing to purchase the said item and have regularly checked the actual order-status report. This has continued to display: " This item has been submitted and awaiting fulfillment". 

    I have also been checking on my email inbox (and ALL other folders under my email address).

    My questions are thus:

    • Can you please reassure other anxious and moreover innocent people awaiting their validation, that their identity during this time is kept and utilized for no other reason than to complete a lawful transaction? This might be stated somewhere where I haven't yet looked but a response purely out of concern for people (paying customers) who have committed to validating and assisting in the war against all forms of fraud and deception would be helpful.
    • Can you please indicate to me and others what "fulfillment" entails if it is illustrated in the order-status report? What is waiting to be fulfilled?
    • Is there any way of determining what is happening to my committed purchase and the predicted length of time until I can actually complete the validation process? Frankly, I do not wish to highlight my order number. A predicted length of time from signing in to receiving the key for Australian customers would suffice. 

    Thankyou for your valuable time. I hope to be soon taking "genuine advantage" of the benefits. 

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006 10:35 AM