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  • Hey all -

    I have a working bulk new-aduser Powershell script. However we are adding in large batches and there are some duplicate names. Example - Testy McTesterson may be in one CSV, and Tested McTesterson may be in another. I'm trying to add the ability to append numbers say 1,2,3 - up to 9 to the sam, upn. in case duplicates are encountered. Working script so far:

    #Create New Users
    $users = Import-Csv -path "C:\Example.csv"
    foreach ($user in $users) {
    #Defined hashtable to splat to New-ADUser
    $pass = ConvertTo-SecureString "changeme" -AsPlainText -Force
    $hash = @{
      Office = "$($user.'physicaldeliveryofficename')"
      DisplayName = "$($user.'displayname')"
      Name = "$($user.'givenname') $($user.'sn')"
      EmailAddress = "$($user.'givenname').$($user.'sn')@contoso.com"
      UserPrincipalName = "$($user.'givenname') $($user.'sn')"
      Samaccountname = "$(($user.givenname).substring(0,1))$($user.'sn')"
      GivenName = $($user.'givenname')
      SurName = $($user.'sn')
      Path = "$($user.'destinationOU')"
      AccountPassword = $pass
      Enabled = $True
      ChangePasswordAtLogon = $True
     New-ADUser -Verbose @hash -PassThru 

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  • You can use a Get-ADUser and assign it to a variable, as in:

    $GotUser = Get-ADUser -Filter whatever

    Then test $GotUser.  If it exists, then you have a duplicate and can invoke the tiebreaker rule.  You may have to do this in a loop because you have to test the tiebreaker user too!

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  • Please look in the Gallery for scripts that do what you ask.  It is more complicated then just checking for the user and you will need to test in a loop to find an available name plus number.

    This is a very common request in forums.


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  • I find the best way to check for unique sAMAccountName values is to first retrieve all existing sAMAccountName values and populate a hash table. Then for each new user it is easy to check for uniqueness, using the ContainsKey method of PowerShell hash tables.

    The task is more difficult for checking if Relative Distinguished Names (the Name property, the value of the cn attribute) is unique in the parent OU or container. Unless all the new users are in the same OU/container, we would need a separate hash table for each OU. The better procedure is probably to use Get-ADUser and the -Filter, -SearchBase, and -SearchScope parameters to check for uniqueness of the RDN in the OU/container of each new user. This seems inefficient (a new query for each user), but is probably necessary.

    Edit: I should add that when creating users in bulk, other checks should be done. For example, the sAMAccountName should be not more than 20 characters long.

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