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  • I am having a very strange issue.

    Here is what I have:

    • 1 XBox 360 is about two years old and is a white arcade model
    • 1 new Xbox 360S
    • Both connected to my home network that uses a 100mb switch

    Here is my problem:

    • I add a video file (xvid format) to the videos share on my WHS, but it doesn't show up on the new Xbox 360S. It does show up on the old XBox.
    • I delete or rename a file on the videos share on my WHS, but it doesn't delete the old name when accessing via the XBox 360S even though it can't be access via the old name or location that doesn't exist. The changes do show up via the old Xbox 360.
    • I have tried connecting to the WHS by using the WHS:1 source name and it gives me an error: "Can't connect. Make sure you have activated this console on your computer."
    • I can connect by using the WHS:TMS source name for the source name and it connects and plays videos, but has problems with new content now showing up for several days and with it showing the names of files that have been deleted for several days after deletion.

    Here is what I have done/tried:

    • I have turned off media sharing on the WHS and restarted the WHS. I have then re-enabled media sharing.
    • I have uninstalled and reinstalled the codec.
    • I have enabled the Guest account.
    • I have configured WHS to automatically enable new media receiver automatically.
    • I have manually added the new XBox using its MAC address.

    My conclusions so far:

    The video files are NOT corrupt. They display fine via the old XBox and via computers that connect to the share.

    The codec is NOT corrupt. The same codec is installed on both XBox devices. It has been uninstalled and reinstalled to verify.

    Any ideas?




    Russ Kaufmann, MVP, MCSE, MCT, MCITP, MCTS and other stuff http://infrastructurehelp.wordpress.com
    Sunday, January 9, 2011 7:20 AM

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  • I do not believe an x-box can stream directly from WHS.  The X-Box runs Windows Media Center.  To Stream content from WHS to the XBOX or any other Media Center Device (most are no longer made) you have to have a PC running Windows XP, Vista, or windows 7 that has Media Center running on it.  This is mt setup at home.  The Windows 7 box gets its movies from the WHS and I set the x-box up as an extender in Windows.  The Green button has lots on this


    WHS_retail version
    Monday, January 10, 2011 4:56 AM
  • I also get the message "Can't connect. Make sure you have activated this console on your computer." This only happended following an upgraded to a new 360/250GB (new Wireless N model) The feature to stream direct form whs to my old elite worked fine but this wont. It will see the server but nothing else just the message above. Help !
    Sunday, March 11, 2012 10:52 PM