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  • I'd like to see functionality built-in to WHS for when a USB/Firewire hard drive is attached to the Home Server.  Currently, plugging one of these drives in only gives one option in the console:  Add Device.  What I'd like to see is the option to use the drive as a removable backup of the Home Server itself.  Perhaps that functionality could be bundled with an add-in implementation of Microsoft's own SyncToy that I've seen mentioned a few times in these forums.


    I can say from experience that SyncToy works as a backup method for creating an off-site backup of the contents of Home Server, though right now it requires a seperate computer/NAS and logging in via RDP to Home Server (if using a non-windows computer as the backup target).  I used my Linksys NSLU2 and a USB hard drive to back up my data before upgrading from CTP to RC1 and used it again to restore the data after the upgrade.  It worked wonderfully, even if it did take several hours to restore all those gigabytes of data.


    If we wanted it to get really fancy, the synctoy add-in could have an interface for setting up scheduled backups and have a reminder notification to plug in the backup hard drive when it's time to run the backup.  Of course that would require Home Server to remember that the drive is a removable backup device so that it will be mounted as such each time it's plugged in.


    If the ability to flag an external hard drive as a backup drive is included in the final release, the manufacturers could easily toss in an external drive with their systems so that users don't even have to purchase anything extra to be able to perform backups of their Home Servers.  They'll just have to remember to unplug them and put them somewhere safe (like a fireproof/waterproof safe or a relative's house) when not in use.  It would make it that much easier to have true peace of mind when it comes to family photos and stuff.

    Monday, June 18, 2007 6:14 PM