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  • Every time I boot windows XP and my wireless bluetooth keyboard is not connected, I have to plug in an old wired keyboard, open up bluetooth manager, do a search for devices, and connect to the wireless keyboard, which causes a reinstall of the drivers every time.

    It is so annoying because there are like 7 popup windows to install new hardware, which each have like 4 windows themselves (found new hardware, unsigned driver, overwrite newer file, ready to use).

    Worst part is, I have the Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth. Why are the drivers unsigned? Why do I have to resintall every time I have to reconnect? And, why do I have to reconnect so often anyway? What is the point of having bluetooth keyboard if I have to have a wired one to reconnect it all the time?

    I am currently dual booting Windows XP and Windows Vista Premium. In Vista, the keyboard reinstalls each reconnect as well, but there is only 1 popup, and Vista is at least nice enough to allow you to use the mouse on the logon screen to open an onscreen keyboard, so I can log in.

    Dual booting seems to be a cause for more frequent reconnects, because it seems if I boot to XP and connect the keyboard, I can repeatedly boot to XP without having to reconnect. As soon as I switch OSs, then I have to reconnect again when I return to the other OS.
    I tried using the same passkey to alleviate this, which doesn't seem to work. Why is the passkey not saved in the receiver, so you never have to reconnect again? (establish a passkey, device and receiver remember, and are forever married until you change the key).

    Anyway, biggest question/problems are:
    -How do I get the keyboard to connect and stay connected, so I dont have to have a wired keyboard all the time?
    -How do I get windows to stop reinstalling the keyboard every time I have to reconnect it? It should just reconnect!

    Saturday, April 14, 2007 6:54 PM