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    6th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

    9 - 11 July, 2014–Chicago, IL USA

    Location: Columbia College Chicago


    Scope: Distributed Creativity

    Creativity is a widely accepted concept loosely referred to as a resource or a capacity to bring about ideas and visions transformed into a body of work. Creativity encompasses making, playing, and designing meaningful opportunities such as interactive media systems and experiences. For INTETAIN 2014, we welcome researchers in science and engineering and creative practitioners to come together and explore how shared media networks, production, and experiences may make use of a notion such as distributed creativity.

    We invite the submission of research papers and posters, panel discussions, creative technology demonstrations, and workshop proposals that address all aspects of design, production, distribution, and assessment of interactive making and playing.

    Conference topics

    Topics of interest include:

    • Supporting and Eliciting Creativity

    Technology that helps people be creative

    • Architecture to support Distributed Creativity

    • In performing, playing, and producing

    • Intelligent Integration of multiple sensor types and fusion scenario

    • Gesture recognition and applications

    • Social Sciences and Computational Sciences approaches

    • AI humor, AI metaphor, AI storytelling, AI painting, AI music

    • Distribution and democracy in play and production paradigms, authorship practices

    • Sensors + Signal processing for data fusion

    • Play and Performance

    • Measuring creativity

    • Computational Creativity

    • Sociology and organizational structure

    • Cognition

    • Attention/distribution/fusion, and intelligence

    • Interactive Storytelling

    • Collaborative long form and short form narrative

    • User Engagement Assessment

    • Cross-platform production and distribution issues

    • Teamwork and remote production

    • Multi-modal and cross-modal applications

    • Creative Models that link Games, Broadcast, and Cinema

    • Live Performance with Interactive Media

    • Emerging Authoring Platforms

    • Sustainability and archiving of tools and media applications

    • Literacy of Creative Expression combined with Technological Literacy

    • Pedagogy

    • Storage, Retrieval, Archiving, and Reusability

    • "Serious" Applications and Civic Community Development

    • Green Technologies for Interactive Media Platforms

    Post-conference publication

    ·         Papers will be rigorously reviewed by the international technical program committee.

    ·         Accepted papers will be published in the Springer LNICST series.

    ·         Selected papers from the conference will be revised for publication in a special issue of a recognized journal.

    ·         Journals under consideration for INTETAIN 2014 include Elsevier's Entertainment Computing,Interscience's International Journal of Art and Technology, Leonardo Journal, and  EAI's Transactions on Creative Technology http://eai.eu/transaction/creative-technologies.

    ·         LNICST volumes are submitted for inclusion to leading indexing services, including DBLP, Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, ISI Proceedings, EI Engineering Index, CrossRef, Scopus.

    Submission Types and Details


    • Papers: 10 page, formatted in Springer LNICST format — will be published in proceedings
    • Posters: 4 page, formatted in Springer LNICST format — will be published in proceeding
    • Intelligent Interaction Creative Showcase: 4 page Springer LNICST format — will be published in proceedings
    • Panel Discussions: a 2 page proposal with names & bio of organizers, description of topic, explanation of relevance to INTETAIN, list of possible panelists (plus possible confirmation)
    • Special Sessions: a 2 page proposal with names & bio of organizers, description of topic, explanation of relevance to INTETAIN, list of intended contributors (plus possible confirmation)- session papers same format as regular papers, published in LNICST proceedings; maximum one paper co-authored by organizers
    • Workshops: a 2 page proposal with names & bio of organizers, description of topic, explanation of relevance to INTETAIN; plus, if workshop proceedings publication intended, description of how & where
    • Game Jam Research Proposal: a 2 to 3 page proposal with names & bio of organizers, description of research question, and proposed data gathering method. Proposals must be structured in reference to a description of the Game Jam rules, participants, and dynamics that will be published online. Data gathering must be feasible to implement in the Game Jam context and adhere to IRB requirements.


    Online Submission Process:


    For online submissions visit the EasyChair submission system.


    Conference Hosts


    Columbia College Chicago


    Columbia College Chicago is the nation’s largest and most diverse private, nonprofit college for media, communications and the arts, with about 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and more than 40 foreign countries.


    Columbia’s urban campus is situated in the heart of downtown Chicago along Grant Park and Lake Michigan, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, theaters, shops, and the energy and famous modern architecture of the America’s third largest city. http://www.colum.edu/campusmap/.


    Chicago is an international destination offering a generous mix of creative cultures, top research universities, international corporate headquarters, and national scientific laboratories.


    European Alliance for Innovation (EAI)


    EAI is a membership-driven, grassroots ecosystem of leading ICT organizations and individuals focused on facilitating and advancing innovation in Europe. It operates through a variety of member-volunteer bodies that participate in both physical and virtual engagement around the ideas and services that will drive Europe’s ambitious innovation agenda. http://www.eai.eu/

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