Live Writer plug-in publishing conditions - why is .Net 3.5 not supported? RRS feed

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  • I wrote Live Writer plug-in that lets users easily create bookmark posts using their bookmarks in Delicious (you can find it here). If you know about Delicious API-s and how to use their services then you also know that you need client-side querying. .Net Framework 3.5 and LINQ are perfect tools for that. And this is the problem. Not for me but for Live team. When I want to submit my plug-in to Live extensions gallery there is requirement: plug-in must work on .Net Framework 1.1 or .Net Framework 2.0 (sadly there is no Turbo C or Quick Basic mentioned :) ). 

    When can we expect that Live gallery climbs out from dark ages and starts supporting also current technologies?

    I refuse to write my LINQ queries around to for loops because next version of my plug-in uses a lot more LINQ queries than current one.

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    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 2:22 PM