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  • Hello all,

    please correct me if what I say is wrong. As my understanding that WHS uses a certifcate. If I setup the remote access, and create a subdomain with homeserver.com then WHS will install the cert for me and the cert lasts for 5 years.

    What if I have a domain name with Godaddy and I want to use it? Will WHS installs the cert for me? Or do i have to purchase the cert from GoDaddy?

    In my recent post, a poster said that WHS will talk to GoDaddy and install the cert for me. However, when I went into the DASHBOARD and do the Server Setting -> Remote Access setup, a button redirects me to  GoDaddy to purcahse a cert for $49.99.

    I also google around and read a few posts from WHS v1, where users bought cert from GoDaddy. But again, that's WHS v1 not the current.


    Any feedback is appreciated.


    Thursday, May 12, 2011 5:50 PM

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  • I clicked the button to go to godaddy's site and just closed the web browser. I bought their "standard" ssl which was on sale (less than 20 bucks). I followed godaddy's instructions for IIS7 certificate requests, installed them manually, again using their instructions.

    Then I used the post in the following link to modify the registry setting for GoDaddy.


    This is based heavily on other posts timotl and other threads by this posting originator. Thought this would help others landing on this post.

    After modifying the registry setting and rerunning the remote web access wizard from the dashboard, I was able to complete the setup by entering in my godaddy account information when prompted and then continuing. Was then able to access my remote address successfully

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  • This is the only way I was able to get a domain name and SSL cert to work from GoDaddy.  I would have loved to use the contoso.homeserver.com domain name but that was not an option for my particular needs.

    I had to do all of these at the same time to get it to work.

    - Enter a new domain name in the WHS dashboard (not a domain name that I already owned). for example contoso.com
    - purchase the domain name and ssl certificate at the same time from godaddy.com using the url that the WHS wizard sent me to
    - when prompted for the sub-domain, user id, and password by the WHS wizard I kept the default sub-domain of remote.contoso.com
    - wait a little bit for WHS/Godaddy to process without doing anything else at Godaddy or in Home Server (my experience was about 10 minutes).
    - after I got it working I called GoDaddy and they were kind enough to refund the other SSL Certs and Domain names I had purchased trying to get this to work. One of the orders was too old to refund but it was only $4 so I wasn't too concerned about that.

    I am pretty sure using the sub-domain of remote was the key.  Not necessarily "remote" but some sub-domain and probably not one of the other pre-configured ones like www or ftp.  I found that in the MS documentation as "recommended" which after many years of experience in the technology industry I have taken to mean "This is the way we tested it and the only way we know for sure that it works."

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