Where do I post an issue about pivot tables in Excel 2010? RRS feed

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  • I opened up a trouble ticket (1140810671) if someone wants to do the research.  I provided a print screen picture of the pivot table output (which I won't do publically).  I had computed a mean manually (by manually I mean within the excel spreadsheet not using a pivot table) and then went to check the data using a pivot table.  There are subpopulations of interest such that when you multiply the mean (in this case number of days in a process) of a subpopulation by the number of individuals within that subpopulation you derive the total number of days for that subpopulation.  The mean for the population is derived by summing the total number of days across all subpopulations and dividing by the total number of individuals.  Bottom line is I could take the data out of the pivot table and calculate the mean for the population (which matched my manual calculation) but the Grand Total mean in the pivot table was wrong.  I've had some other issues with the pivot tables in 2010 but this one I captured using print screen.  And, I might add, it doesn't happen all of the time.  Hence the reason why I check and double check my work.  Sometimes I get wrong answers in 2010 and sometimes I don't.  I've resorted to using my other computer which has 2007. 
    Friday, October 15, 2010 3:50 PM