Problem Install OEM 2-Disk Software XP Media Center 2005 RRS feed

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  • In this three-disk software package the two gold-colored carry the program, the third (silver) is for 'upgrade' and not required for installation.

    During installation of Disk 1 a prompt is reached; 'Insert Disk 2' - nothing seems to happen,

    no progress bar appears and 'Installation will finish in 29 minutes' remains.

    The Seller of the sealed software package had added a note: "Microsoft made a mistake, reinstall Disk 1 at that point".


    Starting from a 'wiped clean' drive on an almost new hp m1265c I tried from 'boot from disk'

    (Disk 1) several times, formatting drive each time.

    If you insert Disk 2 at prompt "Some Files are needed, insert Disk 2" 'Media Center' icon is installed, but there is no Start Menu,

    If you reinsert Disk 1 at the prompt and watch progress, you see the Start Menu being installed. Then you have an XP 2002 Service Pack 2 version without Media Center 2005.

    At this stage, reinsertion of Disk 2 then just displays the Disk 2 folders: MEDIA CENTER, NETFIX

    and TABLE. (makes sense!). But it will not self-install.

    Can someone ponint a PC semi-literate in the right diredtions?



    Sunday, February 2, 2014 7:48 PM