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  • Hi all,


    I work as a consultant for a company that is in the process of developing a distributed solution using the Sync Framework, or more specifically Sync Services for ADO.NET. This system is based on running SQL Server 2005 on the backend server, and SQL CE 3.5 deployed on Windows Mobile 5 clients (PDAs).


    We've been having some issues with performance, and also some other technical issues that we're struggling to get a handle on. To hopefully address this issue I'd just like to make sure we're running the most current build of the framework. Am I correct in assuming that Sync Framework RC0 (which is included in the SQL Server 2008 RC0 download) is the most current version for the desktop (i.e. server) side? We've using a CTP1 version for Windows Mobile - is this also the most recent version?


    Any information and/or links you could provide would me much appreciated


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  • Yes, for the Sync Framework (Sync Services for ADO.NET), RC0 within SQL Server 2008 RC0 is the most recent version for desktops.  For Windows Mobile, yes CTP1 is the most recent version. 


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