Access to forums via bridge timing out on some forums RRS feed

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  • Beginning yesterday evening, to the best of my knowledge, four forums (that I follow) started timing out when trying to download headers and messages into Forté Agent via the Codeplex Community Bridge.  The newsgroup names of the four forums in question are:


    (Added 10/31: Also Msdn.en-US.scripting; see other thread 10/31)

    The first and third (and scripting) are of extremely high interest to me, as they tend to be immediately relevant to my job.  The others are of interest, but do not directly impact me professionally.  The remainder of the forums that I routinely read are not experiencing any increase in access time, although I find that NNTP access is rather slow generally.

    Are there any known issues, or settings that I should change?


    -- Jeff Zeitlin
    Saturday, October 29, 2011 1:54 AM