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  • In our lab we have the SQL CRM database and CRM application running with Company Divsion A connecting to the SQL database for Division A on the same Lab Box.  I upgraded this lab box first to CRM 4.0 with no issues.  Everything on the same box, SQL and the CRM application 4.0


    On another box we have the Division B CRM application running connecting back to the SQL CRM database lab server connecting to Divisions B SQL database running CRM 3.0.  It's working fine at CRM 3.0


    But when I upgraded the Division B lab box during the "Ready to Upgrade the Application" it lists the correct database for Division B but after the upgrade it’s only using the Division A's SQL database.  The data comes up but it's Divisions A not B's data.


    Do you know what may be happening? I installed CRM 3.0 and did the upgrade again today thinking I may have just picked the wrong database but I now know that’s not the case.  Do you know why during the upgrade it keeps on reverting back to Division A's SQL database?  Why it can't  see Divisions B database on the SQL database server.


    When the CRM 4.0 occurs in the production environment both CRM application servers will be connecting back to one SQL clustered server that hosts both the Divisions database's.  I'm worred that once I upgrade the one Division in production to CRM 4.0 the upgrade of the other Divisions CRM application server won't use the correct CRM database.


    Any help would be appreciated.


    Thank You.



    Tuesday, May 20, 2008 6:04 PM


  • Are the installs using different org names in 3.0?  One thing to understand about multi-tennancy is that if the same underlying SQL DB is being used, then both orgs will be available from both web ervers, but only 1 will be the "default" org.  Open Deplyoment Manager and look to see if both org names are present itn he list.  Also, try accessing the 2nd org by specifiying the orgname in the URL:  http://server/orgname.  By default, when you access the server w/o an org name, it redirects to the default org.

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008 8:35 PM