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  • First I would like to thank in advance any help I might get. I know I own a Dino. but im disabled (left leg above knee amputee 15 yrs ago)and funds are very limited.I had a virus or worm or somthing that just raised ____ with my system,I purchased my laptop used a few yrs. ago,good comp.as far as that goes. It came with windows 2000 I tried to buy a recovery disk from IBM but 2000 is not used anymore and they said I was SOL,up the wellknown creek . I was able to buy a legal XP pro.IT has been checked by microsoft during updates and whatnot. So anyways I had another problem and found out I have missing files and was told to put my XP disk in to install needed files when I did just that it said that the copy on my computer was newer than the one on the disk.Its the disk I upgraded with,so I was unable to run the disk.Now I try a clean install,for some reason I can't do that either,booted from the cd tried to format hard drive wont allow that. a lot of stuff wont work like its supose to.What do I do now? IS there any hope to find the missing files.Spending Money is not a option,Im not cheap just not able.any sugestions would be wonderfull
    Sunday, August 16, 2009 4:33 AM