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    Well, just two general comments about Windows Live One Care.


    I am happy that I have not yet installed WLOC on my new Vista Desktop.


    I did have it on my older Win XP desktop and Win XP laptop and found that at the most unoportune times, WLOC would bog down my computers, overheating the CPU and adding frustration and delay to getting tasks done that normally would take but a few minutes to accomplish. 


    As usual, the complicated layers that Microsoft creates when activating products is as frustrating as the performance of WLOC.


    Having reinstalled WIN XP on the laptop, with complete formatting, no added applications WLOC took a long time to complete it's tasks.


    I would be hard pressed to renew my subscription unless there are significant improvements in the time it takes for WLOC to complete it's tasks.



    Wednesday, September 3, 2008 1:15 PM


  • Activation is a complicated process, I agree with this. I can't agree with any other points you've made - at least in my experience. I've installed and used OneCare on many computers of varying vintages and have never encountered any performance issues except for during a Tune-up which can be canceled and allowed to run at a later time. Pretty much any security package will "bog down" a computer during a scan as this is a disk and memory intensive task. Any other  performance issues you encountered would likely be due to conflicts of some kind.

    I changed my mind since the start of my reply and will state that there are two tasks that I think are a little too time consuming - a full virus scan and a scan for files needing to be backed up, with the latter only being slightly slower than I'd expect. The full virus scan performance has improved by leaps and bounds since the initial release, though it could stand more improvements, which I know the developers are always looking at.



    Thursday, September 4, 2008 3:11 PM