Mistake in the journal name at academic.microsoft.com RRS feed

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  • Dear colleagues

    Would you be so kind to correct the mistake in the name of our journal?

    The correct name is: European Journal of Management Issues

    ISSN 2519-8564 Рrint
    ISSN 2523-451X Online

    Please chek that we are not confused with the already existing European Journal of Management! SOme papers you listed in our journal's directory are not from our journal! For instance the paper "Agent-based simulation in management and organizational studies: a survey", is from the

    European Journal of Management and Business Economics

    ISSN: 2444-8494

    The actually used (wrong) name is: European Journal of Management:


    Dr Yevgen Bogodistov

    Thursday, October 1, 2020 12:12 PM