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    Today, I received OneCare v.2, and yes, I too am very upset. Until now, I used DVDs for backup and restore. Now I find that I can no longer do so. Prohibited! Why? Unfortunately, I had been looking forward to progress, not regress. Can't use my 2nd hard drive either! Why?


    Why, why, why..................Why doesn't MS just drop backup as part of their security suite, and reduce the price. I don't know of another company that charges the same rate for yearly renewals as the original either. Does MS just want out of this business? Fine. They will be soon.

    Sunday, November 25, 2007 6:24 AM

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  • DVD as backup of course isn't prohibited. Either you've found a bug missed during the beta or more likely it's some issue with your specific system, lucky you. This is why OneCare Support exists and is included with your subscription, so I'd suggest you use it if starting a fresh backup isn't working.


    If your second hard drive is internal this has always been blocked and isn't recommended. However, since eSATA drives also often appear as internal even when they are removeable, a workaround was created. You should be able to create a Windows Share on the drive and then browse and select that share as the backup target using the Network Location option in backup.


    You try and find another commercial protection suite that allows you to use the product on up to three systems and includes all upgrades and updates including the program itself for a year at a cost of only $50. Also remember that you can always find a better price online or in a local store and use the token on the box package to renew your subscription for another year.



    Sunday, November 25, 2007 6:58 AM
  • I found the step that I must have missed in setup. I was successful in making a full backup set of DVDs (it took 7 discs). Now I hope that I am able to make incremental backups. For the past few months with v.1.6, I could not successfully make incremetal backups, even working with a tech. OneCare kept telling me that the disc I inserted was not a OneCare disc!


    It is interesting what you say about eSata. I have an eSata drive that I use only for backups (music, photos, etc), but do not understand how to use it for OneCare. I'll study the issue, maybe getting tech support to help. There is soooo much I have to learn, and not enough time to sit down with it.


    I did purchase the Acronis program, and have used it for backup to the eSata, but would like a 2nd backup method. I am satisfied however with OneCare as a security suite even without the backup program. I just wanted a security suite I could set and forget without constant attention to details. I started using it 1 1/2 years ago when I got tired of Norton bogging down what little (broad)bandwidth I could get in my area, and never being quite certain that I had all bases covered. 



    Monday, November 26, 2007 9:30 AM