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  • First, if this is the incorrect forum, please move to the proper forum? I couldn't locate a PowerApps forum from the drop down.

    We have a few users that have office 365 E3 accounts that can't log into the create.powerapps.com site.  At first, when you clicked the signin button from powerapps.microsoft.com, it would error out. After changing this, changing that, we can get signed in so to speak. It looks like the site will load, then it errors out. 

    Recently, we changed proxy software from Blue Coat to Zscaler. We have the same groups and policies across the board, so what effects these two users, affects others. I am able to sign in without issues on my machine.

    If we fully disable the Zscaler software, the site works fine. I have worked with our Zscaler support and they say they can't find anything. We have since for testing, added the powerapps site to the full bypass list, meaning, the traffic is not getting inspected, it collects $200. Yet, while the Zscaler app of the users machines is running, it won't load. 

    We have uninstalled and reinstalled Zscaler. We have added all of the power apps sties to the secure sites in IE Options. We have had others, including myself, log into these machines and regardless we get the same errors. 

    This is the screen from IE:

    In Chrome, it's just these few lines:

    Network Error
    Time: 2020-01-08T19:00:51.116Z
    Session ID: 2ed3b810-3249-11ea-b05a-3d04686b50b6
    Error: Network Error at e.exports (https://content.powerapps.com/resource/makerx/static/js/module/vendors~shell.52f36895.chunk.js:8:5903) at XMLHttpRequest.p.onerror (https://content.powerapps.com/resource/makerx/static/js/module/vendors~shell.52f36895.chunk.js:8:4751)

    We have cleared the caches and reset all browsers. We have verified only 1 version of Java installed. Cleared Java cache, uninstalled/reinstalled java. Flushed DNS just because. Off network or on networks, it's the same thing. 

    I also noticed witht he Zscaler App off, when the site does load, that the api.powerapps.com.api gives off 404 error codes, along with more e.export (vendors~shell.52f36895.chunk.js:8:5903) errors, which are repeated in the above errors. 

    Google searching haven't come across this exact same thing, but similar. Hence adding the power apps site to the secure lsit and few other things. Anyone know how we can go about getting this to work sin we cannot uninstall the Zscaler app from their machines and it's already been added as a bypass exception?

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020 7:45 PM


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