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  • Microsoft really need to rethink the whole scrollbar idea on mobile devices. It's simply not practical to have to use a stylus in many situations where one handed operation would be preferrable.

    Fortunately my Dopod 838 Pro has a scroll wheel, but even that's not ideal as often it only scrolls as a side effect of scrolling through fields which makes the process rather slow. Maybe a dedicated scroll wheel should be mandatory, or a joystick, or even a rethink of the scrollbar design... why not make it transparent, moveable and really large... it could be hidden until a hardware button is pressed, then pop out covering a quater of the screen allowing you to scroll with your thumb, then disappear with a tap. Anything has to be better than the miniscule scroll bar we have at the moment.

    Friday, November 2, 2007 5:54 AM