I battled against the TANK26 and won! RRS feed

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  • Its been a long week and I have suffered many long hours.... oh the humanity! It was me against the TANK  aka as B5397 based on the Tyan Tempest i5400PW MB. As I look around my battlefield I see floppy drives thrown about like rag dolls. Connectors here and there... power supplies, Video cards, setup disks, flashlights, hard drives, assorted hardware on the floor like boobytraped land mines.

    I can't tell you exactly how it finally all came together... in what order I had to load what driver for the 8 drives to be recognized by the new fancy LSI SAS controller. I will say that to overcome the "regional and keyboard settings" problem early on, I had to run a seperate SATA cable to the backplane (SATA0) connecter in place of the SAS connector that is connected from the factory. The other 7 drives do funtion properly with the SAS controller (4.78TB)- 5 Samsung 750GB and 3 Seagate 500.

    If anyone has specific questions I would be happy to help. My main point is that if your looking into the Tyan B5397 server with its 8 hot swap drive bays.. WHS is supported.

    Intel XEON 5420  2.5MhZ  45nm processor
    4 gig Kingston memory (as per tyan recommended ram list)



    Monday, March 24, 2008 11:13 PM