DDos Attack Problem RRS feed

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  • i can handle how to stop attacker as i can , but my problem is :

    i have small online game application .exe and i need to open port for this game , so if i open this port attacker easy can target my port number , and the problem let my application hang or crash because take half-traffic TCP , so i can`t close port and as same time i can`t open it , so any suggestion , and how Microsoft can`t handle this problem , that only program low size and super effective like (loic , hulk...etc) , and let other fake guard collect money and no help , Microsoft need to put good wall for ddos attack , make like filter TCP , parameter effective and ban who attack for 15 sec + , to let other can go in , as i see all firewall have only two way enable or disable , and if i want to pay firewall services need more than 300 $ + to stop them , and firewall windows really so old ,poor and not effective , and this problem for ddos attack before 8 years ago and still Microsoft not make any senses , and when i am reading on forum Microsoft i saw people talk what is ddos attack and what is this program can do , and if someone talked about how to stop them really not help , i hope you can help , thanks

    Thursday, December 27, 2018 1:11 AM