Need Help with Mail Merge - Taking TOO Long RRS feed

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  • I print either postcards (double-sided) from Publisher 2016 or letters with envelopes (one document) from Word 2016.  I have two distinct problems. 

    Problem #1, when printing from either Publisher or Word, from the moment click "Print" it takes about two hours to print about 60 pages.  No matter what method I use let it be either Ctrl+P, Finish & Merge to Print Documents or Finish & Merge to Edit Individual Documents, I wind up with the same long delayed printing process.  It doesn't matter which of my two OKI color laser printers I print to, nor does it matter if I'm printing single sided letters or double sided postcards.  I have tried two methods to mail merge which include using a contact list straight from Outlook or an exported CSV file.  All methods I use are very time consuming.  Interestingly, my computer does not run slowly during the printing.  It's just the printer likes to print one page at a time.

    Problem #2, when printing only from Publisher to two-sided postcards, if I print more than about 80 or so pages, the printer starts printing blank pages.  All other symptoms from Problem #1 are still present.  The printer hesitates after every page printed and takes a very long time.

    Is there some thing that can remedy this situation?  

    Monday, February 5, 2018 7:32 PM