CRM 2013 Online Customization Capabilities & Database Location RRS feed

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  • I had some questions related to CRM 2013 Online. It seems hard to find good information about it on the internet. If someone could help us out with the questions, would be great:

    -          Can we transfer all of our on-premise customizations to CRM 2013 online, specifically

    • Ribbon customizations (adding/removing custom buttons)
    • API "IOrganizationService" availability for all of our ASPX pages (our ASPX pages connect to the CRM through the API to load Bing Maps, create templates, calculate pricing, create lead, create campaign response, etc.)
    • Run JavaScript "onLoad" and "onChange"

    It seemed that on-premise always had more customization capabilities V.S. online. Perhaps there is a good CRM 2013 comparison page for that?

    -          Can we access the SQL data so we can still run our Qlikview and SSRS reports? Qlikview currently uses a “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server” provider for all our reports. Should we be looking at something like this: http://www.rssbus.com/odbc/mscrm/download.aspx?

    Finally, when you connect to CRM 2013 online and I have users in different continents (e.g. Asia, USA & Europe), how does Microsoft deal with latency? Is data automatically synchronized between environments? Or should I setup 3 separate CRM 2013 instances and combine all data through SSRS reporting?
    Friday, May 23, 2014 5:34 PM