Pocketsense sites.dat info for CapitalOne360 (was ING Direct) RRS feed

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  • ING Direct is now CapitalOne360. Here is the sites.dat file entry that works for me after the old ING Direct setup stopped working:

         SiteName : CAPITALONE360
         AcctType : BASTMT
         fiorg    : ING DIRECT
         fid      : 31176110
         url      : https://ofx.capitalone360.com/OFX/ofx.html
         bankid   : 031176110
         brokerid :
         appid    :
         appver   :
         mininterval: 180
         timeOffset :

    Actually, the 180 can be omitted; I just put that to catch up with the entries that had been missed since https://ofx.ingdirect.com/OFX/ofx.html went away.

    For username, use the same username that you use to log onto the website. But you don't use the same password. Instead see http://helpcenter.capitalone360.com/Topic.aspx?category=FINANCE1 for how to get a code to use as the password in PocketSense.

    Saturday, May 30, 2015 5:28 PM