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  • Hello community, I have a issue in which I am unable to get a parameters value nor sqlvalue from a rdlc file at runtime.  I loop over the Parameter list in each dataset and add the name and value.  Except I do not get the value.  Below is my code snippet.

    public void PrintSSRSReport(PrintJob printJob) {

                printJob.Warnings = new List<string>();

                string reportFileName = printJob.ReportPath + "\\" + printJob.ReportFileName;

                //Load a class representing properties of the report that we can't read from the SSRS report object

                SsrsReportClass reportClass = new SsrsReportClass(reportFileName);

                //Set properties of the report object

                using (LocalReport report = new LocalReport { ReportPath = reportFileName }) {


                    report.SubreportProcessing += new SubreportProcessingEventHandler(SubreportProcessingEventHandler);

                    report.EnableExternalImages = true;

                    SetReportParameters(report, printJob);

                    PopulateReportDatasets(reportClass, printJob);

                    foreach (var dataSet in reportClass.DataSets) {

                        var parameterList = new List<string>();

                        foreach (var parameter in dataSet.Parameters) {

                            parameterList.Add($"{parameter.ParameterName} = {parameter.SqlValue}");



                            new ReportDataSet {

                                Name = dataSet.DataSetName,

                                Procedure = dataSet.CommandText,

                                DataSetParameters = parameterList,

                                ConnectionString = dataSet.ConnectionString



                        ReportDataSource reportDataSource = GetReportDatasource(dataSet);


                        //Add to the module-level variable to all subreports to access




                    // Get the page settings from the report

                    var reportPageSettings = report.GetDefaultPageSettings();

                    mTopMargin = reportPageSettings.Margins.Top;

                    mBottomMargin = reportPageSettings.Margins.Bottom;

                    mLeftMargin = reportPageSettings.Margins.Left;

                    mRightMargin = reportPageSettings.Margins.Right;

                    mIsLandscape = reportPageSettings.IsLandscape;

                    var showInBrowser = !printJob.DirectToPrinter;

                    if (printJob.PrintToPdf || showInBrowser) {

                        printJob._bytes = PrintToPdf(report, printJob, showInBrowser);


                    else if (printJob.DirectToPrinter) {

                        Export(report, printJob);

                        Dictionary<object, object> pageSettings = new Dictionary<object, object>();

                        Print(reportPageSettings, pageSettings, printJob);

                        //Query the printer for the status

                        using (var ops = new Panther.Business.Printing.PrintingOps("PantherPrinting", new ConnectionsInfo("PantherPrinting"))) {

                            if (ops.IsPrinterErrored(printJob.PrinterName)) {

                                throw new Exception($"Printer {printJob.PrinterName} is in error state");






    Monday, April 1, 2019 11:55 PM

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  • Hi synchronize,

    Thank you for posting here.

    For your question is more related to RDLC report, you could post a new thread in Visual Studio Report Controls forum.

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    Tuesday, April 2, 2019 8:36 AM