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  • Hi All Brother,

    Recently, i encounter a question about is it possible to install two OCS2k7 Enterprise Edition within one child domain? The example as the following:

    Root Forest Domain: abc.com
    Child Domain: child.abc.com

    OCS2k7 Enterprise:
    Server name 1: pool01.child.abc.com (Consolidated Deployment)
    Server name 2: pool02.child.abc.com (Consolidated Deployment)

    For why i need the deployment scenario. Because the first OCS pool is controlled by our mother company and we feel inconvenient when enable OCS feature on user account. So, our company decided to install additional OCS2k7 Enterprise edition for our own control and convenient.

    But i have read though all of Deployment guide and without mention about this deployment scenario. The only scenario is used to create addition enterprise edition for load balancing or HA purpose.

    So, do you have any idea on this deployment. Is there any impact on exsiting OCS2k7 Enterprise after we deploy one more OCS2k7. Thanks a lot for your comment.

    Best Regards
    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:19 AM

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  • There is only a single global configuration for OCS in an Active Directory forest.  This means that each of the two OCS pools will be aware of the other and they will share global configuration options and there is no way to avoid that.  If you need segregation of users between the domains there is an OCS API code sample that provides for a Chinese wall scenario.

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:02 AM
  • Hi Steven Daugherty,

    You are right and your idea is as same as my idea. On the other hand, can i install one more OCS2k7 Enterprise on the same child domain? Can i create additional RTC account for the new OCS2k7 for installation and activation? Or i just only use the RTC account which is created when deploying the first OCS2k7 Server? Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards
    Kenneth Chow
    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:10 AM
  • You can't really deploy 'another' OCS environment in the same domain as the setup wizard will identify the current AD configuration and you'll simply be installing additional servers and components into the same domain.  You can have separate pools like Steve mentioned and possibly use a combination of Automatic Configuration on set of clients and Manual Configuration and the other set as a 'hack' to separate the user population a bit, but all of the global settings will accessible by administrators across the domain and any changes would affect both pools.


    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 1:09 PM
  • Hi Jeff Schertz,


    Nice to meet you.


    So, is it possible to create additional pool in the same child domain which has already created the enterprise pool. For example:


    First Pool: (Already Created)

    Pool name: Pool01.lab.company.com

    Component include: Front End server, A/V conferencing server, Web Conference server, Web component Server and Telephony conference server, Access Edge for federation.


    Second Pool: (To be created)

    Pool name: Pool02.lab.company.com

    Component include: Front End server, A/V conferencing server, Web Conference server, Web component Server and Telephony conference server.


    As i know that all of configuration information store in LDAP directory as a global configuration. But is it possible to manage two Enterprise pool seperately. For example, "IT Team A" just only manage Pool01 and "IT Team B" just only manage Pool02.


    In addition, if it is impossible to avoid manging two pool seperately, can i create additional pool in the same child domain. It means that two OCS pool coexist in same Child domain.


    Once i create additonal pool and then install those of compoennt which i mention above, is there any impact for exsiting OCS Pool?


    Thanks a lot for your help.


    Best Regards


    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 2:54 PM
  • Kenneth,

    you can create additional pools within a single domain and delegate administration of it to a specific group of people.

    Have a look at this blog posting of Nathan Winters for more information: http://www.mmmug.co.uk/blogs/nweb/archive/2008/08/21/22725.aspx

    That blog posting is derived from information obtained in this Active Directory guide for OCS 2007:

    Tonino Bruno

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 9:01 PM
  • Hi Tonino Bruno,

    Thanks for your reply. If i finally deploy two set of OCS2k7 Enterprise in two segregate pool (E.g first one for Pool01 and Second one for Pool02) within the same child domain, is there any impact on this deployment scenario? Do you know whether microsoft support this deployment or not? Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards
    Friday, October 31, 2008 12:42 AM
  • It's supported to have multiple pools within your active directory forest and even within your domains as long as you understand that each Enterprise Front-End Server can be member of a single pool.


    So if you need 2 pools you would require a minimum of 4 Enterprise Edition Front-End Servers (2 in each pool for minimum High Availability).


    Have a look at how Microsoft deployed OCS internally, you will see they used multiple pools as well





    Tonino Bruno

    Friday, October 31, 2008 3:04 PM
  • So, if i really create two enterprise pool in the same child domain, can i use one SQL server to serve this two enterprise pool? Or i need to implement additional SQL server for the second pool?





    Sunday, November 2, 2008 3:25 AM
  • Hi,

    you can physically use the same SQL server but you should create a seperate instance to be supported.

    See the following statement from the product team:

    Tonino Bruno

    Sunday, November 2, 2008 5:12 PM