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  • So I've spoken to pretty much every department you have to offer, and it seems I've stumbled across the most rare game in the history of windows. Wanna know how to solve my issue? All I want is for a PC game to have a product key replaced. Let me say it for the millionth time ready? ......

    The game I bought its a PC Windows live game. The name of the game?????? Fable 3.

    I know such a damn mystery. What game is that? And for windows live? For PC? Nooooo that can't exist right? Well it does! Every department is rendered inept when I ask for help. "Are you sure you don't mean Xbox 360?" Yes for gods sake i mean its a PC game. I have it in my hand!!!!

    I've called talked to general customer service, two different sales departments, tech support aaannnnd even sent to Xbox. Even though I start off EVERY conversation with "hi I bought a used pc game and all I need is a product key replacement so I can use it on the live acct i just started yesterday... it is used so the product key is associated with someone else's account I just need a replace meant I've understand may have to pay"

    I want this free now by the way I feel like I'm owed this for all my time and lack of quality service.

    I feel like windows doesn't want to assist me after 5 hours. 5 freaking hours on my phone...when your site told me I needed to call for a replacement. So if I can't resolve this issue properly I'm sending the game back and I will be "that" customer. I will write letters I will request my recorded calls and notations that only 4 of the agents I spoke to placed!!!!!

    This is not good service. If I need a special # give me that #. Give me the replacement product key so I can play my bought game, please. How are you going to make this horrid experience up to me?

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    Saturday, August 9, 2014 3:55 AM