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    Hi there,


    I've implemented an OCSk7 on a 2k3 r2 OS.


    I use a third party monitoring tool from Ipswitch (WhatsUp Gold v11) to monitor my network.


    I've been trying to use that 3rd party tool to monitor my Performance Object "LCTongue TiedIP - 01 - Peers" with the counter "SIP - 000 - Connections Active" so I can check my "_total" and "<myservername>" and therefore visualise how many active connections exist to the OCS server at any given time.


    Although on the server itself I've no problem whatsoever in checking those counters by using my Perfmon, a "WMI walk" from my monitoring appliance doesnt show the WMI classes to OCS. I can only see the "regular OS" WMI classes.


    Any hints on why cant I see my OCS WMI classes from my monitoring appliance?


    Thanks in advance



    Thursday, October 18, 2007 2:31 PM

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    I have run in to a similar problem.


    I didn't read it anywhere in the documentation, although I'm sure it's there somewhere...but...the trick to getting the OCS classes to work with WMI is to NOT connect to a remote machine.


    All WMI calls for OCS must be made on a machine that has the admin pack installed.  Also, you MUST connect to the local machine (with the admin pack installed) for the queries to return proper information.  It MAY work in different scenario's, but in the one I just described, it's gauranteed to work all the time.


    Note that because of this caveat, you have to query from within the same domain.


    Hope this helps...I scratched my head with this for a while before getting the proper tip.



    Monday, October 22, 2007 7:13 PM
  • Hi there,


    I'm sorry for the late reply but indeed that helped a lot. All my WMI calls were being made on a machine without adminpak installed, whereas my OCS server already had it in.


    All i did was Run > adminpak.msi and tried to browse to the said class I wanted to monitor and voilá! there it was.


    Cheers and thanks for helping.




    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 3:52 PM