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  • Hi I'm currently running windows XP SP3 and after a recent cpu/ram/motherboard upgrade I'm looking forward to upgrading my OS to windows vista x64. Initially I was going to buy the digital download from MS website. It retails here in the UK for £170.  

    After doing a websearch I've found an online place which sells it a lot cheaper ( around $170) which you can download digitally. This place is shoparhive. This price seems very tempting as it will save me a lot of money, however I dont seem to find much feedback about this website. Can anyone shed light on wether they sell genuine MS products? If so and I bought the download would there be any pitffalls installing it on a machine in the UK. If I bought it and god forbid there was something wrong with it what recourse would I have ?

    Any information about this would be helpful.Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 7:08 PM