IP Address intermittently dropping packets RRS feed

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  • This domain controller has been running for three years.  It is a standalone Windows Sever 2012R2.  It is used for Active directory and file and print sharing. 

    It has been dropping packets for a couple of days.  At first we felt it was the issue with the ISP, had them put new lines from the pole.  Stopped for about 8 hours and started again.  We tried several other diagnose and thought it was the ethernet card.  The system has two ethernet cards.

    • Card 1 IP Address -- Static Ping losing packets.
    • Card 2 No IP Address and disabled
    • Configured Card 2-- IP Address and disabled Card 1
    • Connected the cable to it.  The system stayed up and running for 24 hours.   
    • Static Ping no loss of packets
    • Issue is the DNS server is on  IP Address 
    • Tried to change the IP Addresses making Card 2-- and it started dropping packet again. 
    • Note:  Each time I have disabled the card not being used.  
    • Configure the original Card 1 IP Address and put the ethernet cable back into it.
    • Have been receiving a static ping internally and externally without error.
    • Enable Card 2 --IP address have no network wire in it 
    • Issue I need the DNS so the server can see the workstations. 

    I have a couple of questions: 

    1. Is there away to forward
    2. Can I move the DNS to 
    3. the only change on this network was an external IP Address change?

    This is an emergency management system and I must keep it up and running.  Can you point me in the right direction to get help.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Bonnie Whalon

    Thursday, November 5, 2020 4:40 AM


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