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  • Hi,
    I tried to install cluster with windows HPC server 2008 and also hpc pack 2008 , i did all of steps according to technet guides , when i want to add nodes to cluster and deploy it , on compute node , on pxe boot nothing happened and it cant recive ip address from head node, i checked node management on head node and i saw it seems it has problem with dhcp , so i tried to install dhcp on head node manually but problem didnt solved , and still i have error with dhcp on head node , is it any required step that should i do but it didnt become in" windows hpc server 2008 getting started guide"?!
    here is what i did:
    1- add active directory and create domain and add server to this domain.
    2- install hpc pack 2008
    3- follow to do list ...
    I build cluster network with linux (centos) with this network before , so i know it shouldnt be hardware problem , i want to try hpc server 2008 , and test wich one is work better for us?! linux or hpc server 2008 or dual boot system...
    Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:59 PM


  • Ali,

    We'll need a bit more information to help you get started on Windows HPC Server 2008.

    As my reference system I will use my rather small cluster. The head node is the Active Directory Domain Controller, the compute node is a dual socket dual core Woodcrest Mac. I have two GigE networks. One is connected to my Netgear router and one is connected to a separate Netgear GigE switch. When using the ToDo list I select the Topology #2, all nodes on enterprise and and private networks.

    In order to get the Active Directory Domain Controller role to run, I let the pre-dcpromo server install both DHCP and DNS. We may need to do some reconfiguring of the default configuration to get the head to honor DHCP and PXE boot requests from your compute node.

    So, can you confirm your network topology and post information on your head node network configuration? A good place to start is with an ipconfig /all from the head node. Also, please confirm that the compute node is not seeing another PXE server.

    We need to assure that the compute node has PXE boot first, that the head node is in a Add Nodes state, and that you tell the head node to accept the request for PXE boot from the compute node. If these conditions are all true, then we will have to dig into your DHPC configuration.

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