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  • installed release candidate,immediately noticed that it is a reworked vista. well, it worked fine for 6 DAYS!!!! after which it refused to connect to the net despite network connections showing active web connection. i ran through every setting for net and showed no problems, diagnostic found no errors, but still would not connect.after couple of hours trying, got annoyed and hit off button. some time later, decided to re install o/s. got to installing the last of my apps, restarted, and guess what.....no net connection AGAIN!!!!! well, i shut down my pc, (not cleanly) then restarted- got START WINDOWS NORMALLY or REPAIR option. chose repair and it fixed web connection problem,..or so i thought!! on next restart- no connection again. well i was a little annoyed by now.so,third time lucky, i reinstalled again,and once more, connectoin active until finished installing apps and restarting, then bloody well dissapeared yet again.
    conclusion---if this is the release candidate, then it is doomed to failure. we the public are Not stupid, this IS reworked Vista which is a fatally flawed system.
    suggestion-gather all data for vista and this "Vista 7" and junk it, cut your losses and try to create an all new, WORKING o/s.
    this is so obviously vista with all the numerous faults therein, and if you release this rubbish for sale, you will surely be leaving yourself open to numerous lawsuits for selling a product that is UNFIT FOR PURPOSE. i have been using LInux Ubuntu for some time now with NO PROBLEMS, it does everything that vista should have, and more while only using 2.5gb of disc space compared to 15gb in vista and "vista 7".
    how is it that microsoft, with all its finance and resources, cannot come up with an efficient o/s????? yet a much lesser organisation like Linux can produce a problem free o/s AND give it away for FREE?
    yours very dissillusioned with windows
    a now EX microsoft user
    s davis
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