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  • To whom this may concern,

    In am starting this post as a sort of interview process but without the time consumption of a face to face and with the ability for total sentence pre-thought for writing, as part of a high school project I have a requirement for a interview of a professional in a field of your interest. While professional is all perceived the profession I am interested in is video gaming, and not just testing but designing and building but I will stick with testing for this. if anyone reading is indeed a game tester (professional or not, hired or not) could you/will you please contemplate these question, answer them with your insight and please jot down your first and last name for reference, don’t worry I have 0 intentions of using your name against you in some crazy way. Also please do understand while this is indeed for a class I also have interest in your answers.

    Q. #1 When did you decide you wanted to work in the game testing field?


    Q. #2 Did you take the job to move up to bigger and better things or just because you like testing video games?


    Q. #3 Are you happy with your job or do you wish you could be doing something else?


    Q. #4 Assuming you played video games a lot before your job, do you believe that your past with playing games helped you jump right into the field?


    Q. #5 Is there anything you find tedious about your job?


    Q. #6 Do you play the games that you test or does testing a game ruin the game for you?


    Q. #7 How did you get into the field of game testing?


    Q. #8 If given the opportunity to be promoted but to stop testing video games would you accept?


    Q. #9 Is there a large opening in the game testing field?


    Q. #10 What do you do most of your work day?


    If you would, please and thank you :)

    Thursday, January 5, 2012 8:23 PM