How to debug Vb6 binaries in visual studio 2015


  • I used to debug VB6 binaries using VS 2005 few years back. now I am trying to follow the same in VS 205 but I am not able to debug VB6 binaries. Would anyone please help me step by step how can I Debug VB6 binaries in VS2015?
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  • Hi, this forum is for VB.Net language questions and not for VB6 or Visual Studio debugging.  There is no forum left on MSDN for VB6 so you might need to visit a 3rd party forum.  There is a forum for Visual Studio debugging so I'll move this thread there as that is the closest relevant forum.  If they cannot help you due to debugging VB6, they will point you in another direction and move the thread to off-topic. 

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