FYI: Configuring webcomponents on the internal OCS resets the external url's settings (!) RRS feed

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  • While using the public beta we have installed and configured the webschedular on the internal OCS machine. Via a reverse proxy on the ISA we are able to reach the web schedular together with the adress book server and the conferencing server.


    Installing the RTM I have filled up the external url's as part of the installation procedure. After the installation every thing worked again including Live Meeting. So the following urls are accessible from the outside world:


    Double checking my config using the OCS MMC console the external url's were filled up nice and neat.


    As a last step I have installed the webcomponents. To configure it you need to run a command to configure the webcompontents (you can find it in the OCS_ResourceKit_WebScheduler_Readme.doc in the %oce_installation_folder%\Web Components\Conf\ folder).



    After installation is complete, you need to activate Web Scheduler using the same user name and password that you used to activate Web Components on the computer. If you do not remember the user name used to activate Web Components, use the following steps. Open IIS Manager (%SystemRoot%\system32\inetsrv\iis.msc), and then navigate to Local Computer, Application Pools, and LSGroupExpAppPool. Right-click LSGroupExpAppPool, click Properties, and then click the Identity tab. Note the user name under Configurable identity type. You only need the name part of the string. If the user name string is Domain\RTCComponentService, RTCComponentService is what you need to use in the activation procedure.

    a. To activate Web Scheduler on Standard Edition, use the following command line:

    LcsCmd.exe /web /action:Activate /role:Meeting /poolname:<pool_name> /User:<user_name> /Password:<password>.

    LcsCmd.exe tool is located under %CommonProgramFiles%\Office Communications Server 2007. Use pool_name = name of the computer (for example, computer1).



    After the configuration the webcomponents work fine and I'm able to log on https://externalurl.domain.com/conf/ext/Login.aspx


    But at the same time I found out that I couldn't log on using the Live Meeting console anymore. Checking the OCS configuration (using the MMC console) I saw that the external urls were gone and that I have to reconfigure it.


    After resetting it using the support document below everything is working again.




    In conclusion:

    • Configuring the webschedular on the OCS machine will affect you current external url configation. You have to reconfigure it (if you have done it before) after running the webschedular configuration
    • Be sure to test the external url's in the support document ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/938288 ) before filling it up. In the RTM the url's has changed to:


    Thursday, September 20, 2007 5:43 AM