I need some serious help, to do with XBOX LIVE and a hacked account. RRS feed

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  • Ok so I have told this story like a hundred times to people on the phone who have been no help at all but this was the most recent suggestion which I hope works out. Ok well here we go.....again. SO my Xbox Live account is still a child's account. I never got my own credit card since I've turned 18 so I haven't ever took the time to upgrade it to an adult account. With the recent Xbox Live Terms of service change, I need to accept the Terms of Service to complete playing online, however, a child account needs the approval of the Parental Account for terms of service. Here is the problem, my parents hotmail was hacked like a year ago and it has been "Blocked due to questionable activity" and since it is so old my parents can't remember the info to attempt a password recovery evidently. SO my ass is basically locked out of my Xbox Live that I've had for years and no one can help me. ALL I NEED is to have the account open for a few seconds so I can  accept the new Live Terms of Service, upgrade my account to Adult and NEVER HAVE THIS PROBLEM AGAIN. Can I have any help?!?!?!!?!?!
    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 6:05 PM