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  • Good afternoon all,

        I am hoping you all can help me.....I know loaded question.

    Me & my counterpart have been having some challenges with tracking internal & external system changes. Recently we let our main tech go and every since his departure we having been experiencing random system changes that neither of us can explain. He has been locked out and his username deleted. Any part of me wants to believe this has nothing to do with individual but I cant definitively rule this out since I cannot confirm who is making these changes. We have confirmed we are the only admin parties so now we are starting questioning each other. :(

    We were advised that there is no way to track system changes by user & date in CRM but I just can't believe this is true. I have never come across a system that does not have a audit / cookie trail report of changes made to the system.

    Does anyone know if this truly does exist? If yes can you tell me where to find this?

    Take care,

    Kelinda W.

    Monday, January 9, 2017 5:52 PM

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