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  • I am a new user of Windows home server and have just purchased an Acer Easystore H340. When answering please don't make the assumption that I am in any way knowledgeable about WHS. When I purchased it I thought it was going to be just a big box for dumping all of my photos, videos and work files.

    My question is does WHS automatically search through new data transferred to the server and automatically sort and copy into music/videos/pictures etc (the default directories that are on WHS)?

    I think it must do, as there are files appearing in these default directories. While this may be a useful feature it appears to do this indiscriminately which is going to cause me a real problem.

    I bought this unit to consolidate both my personal media files and also business related files which I have accumulated over the last 10 years. As you can imagine there are a vast array of different file types which could loosely be described as music/pictures/videos etc.

    Pictures could be described as;-

    1 --  family photos which I had arranged in directories by year on my old system.
    2 -- gifs/JPEGs associated with web development, I have literally hundreds of thousands of these images for example buttons/clipart etc
    3 -- album art from my MP3 collection.

    The same is true for "videos",  this could include

    1 -- AVI files from my archived DVD and VHS collection.
    2 -- Flash files used for website production and also online website videos.
    3 -- Home movies taken from my camcorder.
    4 -- Screen Captures which I use for customer training in my software business

    Before all of these was stored in separate locations but now they appear to be dumped in a single root directory under the generic title of "Photo", "Videos" etc

    Before I relied on a detailed directory structure to quickly organise my videos (DVD/VHS archive) by series/title/episode - Now it all seems to go to a single directory and I have 200 x episode_one.avi (from multiple series of the same show as well as completely different shows).

    This brings me onto another point.  One of the real benefits of Windows 7 and WHS is the ability to share and stream multimedia across the network. However I am very particular about what I want to appear in my media library. Under videos -- I just want my archived DVD and VHS collection not the thousands of files I have used for online web presentations.  In a similar fashion when I click on photographs (or pictures) I only want my family snaps -- not 500,000 clipart JPEG's!

    Please advise how to arrange files using WHS

    Best regards and thanks


    Thursday, March 11, 2010 3:19 PM

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  • Acer has included a tool with their servers that allows you to connect an external drive with files to your server and have the files on it (or some of them anyway) automatically copied to appropriate shares. (There may also be a tool which collects recognized content from your client computers and copies it to your server; HP has such a tool, and it wouldn't be too hard for Acer to imitate the functionality.) 

    For more information about this, I would start by consulting the documentation you received with your server. I will warn you, though, that if you want more control over where files go, you will probably have to manage them yourself, rather than letting the manufacturer's tools do the job for you.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 4:06 PM