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  • I have read through the documentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sync/bb887608.aspx.  What I found is that Sync Framework appears to be designed to synchronize between occasionally connected applications OCAs, i.e. client-to-server and client-to-client, but not server-to-server.

    What are my options if I like to synchronize two or more Sql Server 2008 Standard Editions for the purpose of scale-out and increasing availability? Please note that transactional peer-to-peer replication is not offered for Sql Server 2008 Standard Edition.  

    Is it advisable to build a solution using the Sync Framework two keep two or more Sql Server 2008 Standard Editions synchronized, or are there technical reasons/limitations that precludes using Sync Framework?


    As a side note, I do understand that Sql Merge Replication could be used for Server-to-Server synchronization, but Sql Merge Replication is extremely difficult to configure programmatically, especially over the internet, to a point where it is unusable, besides isn't Sync Framework supposed to replace Merge Replication? Please shed some light on Sync Framework versus Sql Merge Replication and their relationship to each other. Thank you.


    Sunday, August 22, 2010 5:27 AM

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