Cannot log into MCP live account RRS feed

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  • I received an annual email reminder to log into my MCP account to keep it active.

    When I tried to log in it told me that it appears that someone else is using my account and I need to verify my account.

    The only problem is that the email address I originally used to create the account no longer exists so I cannot use that method.  

    The only other method is to then fill in a completely useless form that asks mostly irrelevant questions.  In fact only one of the questions is relevant to me.

    The other questions ask for:

    Previous passwords I have used on the account - irrelevant (I have only used one password to my knowledge)

    Details of emails I have recently sent from the account -  irrelevant I don´t use the account to send emails

    Folders I have recently created in my email account - irrelevant

    Xbox live payment details - irrelevant - I don´t have an xbox live account.

    So in all the "security" questions I am asked, only the name of my favorite pet is relevant.

    Anyway I filled in the form as best I could and then got a response saying I hadn´t provided sufficient information to be verified.

    How am I supposed to verify myself?  This method of verification is pretty inadequate. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Friday, January 24, 2014 6:54 AM


  • Hi, Vards0.

    Do you know your MCP ID? You only stated that you have your email address used to log into the MCP site.

    If you don't know your MCP ID, perhaps you still have a printed exam results from a passed/failed exam. This contains information that can be mapped back to your account. It won't have your MCP ID but it will have your Prometric ID.

    If you don't have any printed exam results, perhaps you can still log into  http://register.prometric.com. After logging in, click Update Personal Information to view your Prometric ID, which may look something like SRxxxxxxx. This should give Microsoft Support enough information to map it back to your MCP ID.

    NOTE: Make sure the email address that you record on your profile on the Prometric site is the same email address that you will use to log into the MCP site. Most likely, Microsfot will have you create another Live ID (Outlook, live, Hotmail) account.

    If you can't log into Prometric, call them. Here is the contact information for Microsoft exam candidates:

    Gather all the evidence you can and then contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center. Their email address is mcphelp@microsoft.com

    You can also call them on the phone. Please use the following web page to find the correct contact information for help.

    Again, have all your evidence ready.

    This web page includes email and phone contact information for your geographic location so you can email or call them directly. They will help you get this figured out. Most likely, they will have you set up a different email address.

    NOTE: This public forum is usually monitored by fellow IT professionals like you and me but not by Microsoft employees.

    Good luck!

    Best wishes, Davin Mickelson

    Friday, January 24, 2014 2:28 PM