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  • I use window 7 and my PC  performance is slow then i install windows 8 and use as Administrator.
    I have some important data [like some text document photos and videos] on my Android Phone and i can save in my PC at primary storage.Because i could partition on my PC hard disk As Local Disk C,D and E.

    and partition is primary storage and when i install window data can't delete.

    1-So i save important data in D drive.
    2-I can make a new folder and save data.
    3-Now i can right click on folder and go to properties.
    4-I can select read only option and hidden option.
    5-Then i click on Advanced option and select Encrypt contents of secure data and apply.
    6-Now my data is secure data and my files and folder label are green.
    7-At this time I use windows 8 as Administrator.
    8-Now PC performance is Better/Good.
    9-After a long time PC performance is slow.
    10-At this stage file is always open when i wants to open.

    11-Now i can reinstall windows 8 again.
    12-I can change only windows name.First time name is Mubashar and when i reinstall  windows 8 the name i can change it As Ammad.
    13-Now this time i have no valid windows activation key and i can't access my encrypt file .
    14-when i preview encrypt file Windows Photo Viewer can't open this because you don't have correct permissions to access the file location.
    15-I can't open it,can't move it and also can't copy to another place.
    16-when i go properties of encrypt data and go advanced option and this time i can Un Select the option of [Encrypt contents of secure data] and apply.PC say me (you will need to provide administrator permission to change these attributes also say that Access id denied.
    17-At this time or this stage i use account as Administrator.

    I don't know what is encrypt and decrypt
    I can't use any Encryption key.
    I can't use any bitlocker.
    I can't save any Encryption key.

    I only reinstall windows and i can change windows name only.
    when i select encrypt contents of secure data at that time windows account or system name isAs Mubashar.
    when i reinstall windows again at this time i can only change windows account or system name is As Ammad.
    So this is my problem.

    Please tell me procedure how can i access my encrypt data files.
    Thank you!

    Wednesday, August 8, 2018 5:59 AM

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