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    Does anyone know why Microsoft canceled support/discontinued Microsoft Expression Web and why Windows Live Essentials, especially Windows Live Writer hasn't been updated in years? Both are great products but Windows Live Writer is my heartbeat but I stopped using it as i realized that Wordpress' dashboard is easier to work with now as it has been updated and I can upload my image galleries for a post flawlessly in WP's dashboard.

    Windows Live Writer can't upload WordPress galleries to the WordPress site directly. It can only work with Picasa and OneDrive and the files are stored on those accounts while only the thumbnails get publisher to my WordPress site. I can't get the thumbnails to work in this manner anymore either as when i try to upload galleries using Windows Live Writer I get error messages saying it won't go through. That's why I stopped using Live Writer.

    Expression Web seems okay but Adobe Muse can do better effects but I don't use Muse right now as it is problematic. If Muse and Expression Web were somehow fused, not by a company merger but shared the same features I would be all up for buying software like that. But my cousin who is a techie purchased Muse and Expression Web several years ago and was using them briefly and regretted using Expression Web as it is so basic and primitive. Adobe Muse is too tricky and the items never stay where you place them. I have seen people work with Muse at work and in tutorials but unfortunately all my web design friends are too busy and have no time to teach me. So I'm stuck. But right now I'll stick to WordPress.

    I just wish Windows Live Writer could be updated with a more modern and impressive interface and set of features. Is the going to happen in the near future? If so what is Microsoft waiting for to do this upgrade? Are they going to update Windows Essentials in the near future or are they waiting to do so when Windows 9 is released or near to be released? Or will Microsoft replace Windows Live Writer with a new product which they did with Frontpage when they changed it to Expression Web? I just need an alternative to what we have now with Live Writer and Blogjet is a joke. Plus Microsoft Word 64 bit, which I own and tried blogging with isn't good enough especially when you are working with images and I don't even think you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other service, even Facebook.

    So what I am looking for is something new especially with Expression Web which needs to be an effective alternative to Adobe Muse so with its discontinuation we need something new to work with in terms of creating websites and it should also work with WordPress and be user friendly to those like me who don't know code and want drag and drop even if it comes in more than one version where one if more drag and drop friendly to non coders and one for those who want to work with code and do more powerful activities.

    So with all this off my chest, finally after many months, what do you think or know is coming as factual? Speak to me...
    Sunday, August 31, 2014 8:20 PM