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  • Hi!! I use SORA board for my research. I test basic communcations (802.11b) between two SORA boards.

    At first, I found that HWtest is good enough. Then, I test 802.11b communication between two SORA boards.

    However, communication is not successful. I succeeded in communication with same SORA HW in SORA version 1.1.

    I used following configuration in SORA version 1.1

    rate: 1000 (1Mbps)

    channel: 3

    rxgain : 0x1200

    rxpa: 0x0000


    In version 1.1, communication is successful between two SORA board with above setting. However, in versoin 1.5, communication fails. Then, does anybody succeed in communication between two SORA board? If so, would you share your setting information?


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  • Are you using SoftWifi driver to let two SORA communicate?




    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2:31 AM
  • Yes. Are there any problems to use SoftWifi driver for communication between two SORA devices in version 1.5?

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 6:00 PM
  • yeah. I meet the same problem as you.

    I used 802.11b in sdk1.0 before. It was good.

    Now I get a new computer. I try sdk1.5 in HWtest. It works well. but when changing the driver to softwifi, it does not work. I don't capture any broadcast 802.11b packet sent by SORA.

    I almost use the same parameter as you.

    rate: 1000 (1Mbps)

    channel: 3

    rxgain : 0x1200 # I use lower rxgain. otherwise, the computer hangs there.

    rxpa: 0x0000

    I also change the SDR.inf. Do you change the file?


    HKR,    ,                         NetworkAddress,      0, "02-50-F2-00-00-01"
    HKR,    ,                         BSSID,               0, "B6 DB 71 64 51 75"
    HKR,    ,                         ModMode,             0, "802.11b"  ;-------------- I only change this line?
    HKR,    ,                         11ADataRate,         0, "6"
    HKR,    ,                         DataRate,            0, "0x6E" ;--------------- shall we change this line to other rate? 0A stands for 1Mbps.
    HKR,    ,                         DataRateInMbps,      0, "0x02"
    HKR,    ,                         ModSelect,           0, "0x00"
    HKR,    ,                         PreambleType,        0, "0x00"
    HKR,    ,                         SampleRate,          0, "44"
    HKR,    ,                         BusNumber,           0, "0"
    HKR, Ndi,                         Service,             0, "SDRMiniport"
    HKR, Ndi\Interfaces,              UpperRange,          0, "ndis5"
    HKR, Ndi\Interfaces,              LowerRange,          0, "ethernet"



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  • Sure. I changed sdr.inf. (1) BSSID to distinguish between two device, 2) ModMode to 802.11b).

    I used HWVeri for finding optimal setting for two SORA communications. (I used SNR test). And I used setting in HWView for guideline for two SORA communication tests. However, each SORA device cannot receive any packets from each other.

    I used Wireshirk for analyzing what the problem is. In Wireshirk, I found that sending packet is okay in two devices. But, no packets are received from peer SORA device. But, I found that SORA received some packets from other signals (according to information in wireshirk). 

    Then, what is the problems in my method? Thank you.

    Monday, November 7, 2011 7:41 PM
  • Finally, I succeed in communicate between two SORA boards. As I expected, the points are optimal parameter settings. I used HWView to find optimal parameter settings as a guideline to parameter settings. However, since HWView SNR test uses 16QAM, I used 802.11a for testing between two boards. In addition, I used wireshirk and debug view for finding which parameters should I modify.

    Though optimal settings are different among devices, I write down my settings for guideline of settings.

    For device 1: " -r 6000, -c 3, --rxgain 0x1000, --rxpa 0x2000, --txgain 0x1a00, --freqoffset 0"

    For device 2: "-r 6000, -c 3, --rxgain 0x0a00, --rxpa 0x3000, --txgain 0x1b00, --freqoffset 0"


    For 802.11b test, I should take more time to find optimal parameter settings since HWView cannot guide for parameter setting. (16QAM is not used for 802.11b). Thanks.


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    Hi, I'm using SORA boards in 11b mode (SDK1.5), too, but the difference between your experiments and mine is that I cannot successfully send any data using iperf. There were always an error about not receiving ack.

    However, when I use 11b in SDK1.1, everything goes well. My parameter setting is nearly the same.

    Could you inform me how or what tools you use when you sending data? Thx.


    Bruce Zhang

    Friday, November 11, 2011 6:36 AM
  • Actually, I use 802.11a for SoraSDK1.5. For finding rx and tx gain, I use HWView.

    I use both 1) ping and 2) iperf (udp).

    For checking where the problem is, I suggest you to use packet sniffer (such as wireshirk) and Debugview for both Sora device.


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