problems with windows live..sending photos and clicking on email addresses RRS feed

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  • my daughter tried updating office and changed my mail and I lost all emails etc..I dont know what she did but she got it back...but I have windows live now ( I was on vista ).Now when I go to a photo then send to.. and downsize it disappears. I can only send a photo if I go to an email first and it sends really big. Also when I click on an email address in an email or wherever it wont go to an email to write it just says application not found. I went onto to trade me and clicked on an email to email someone and it was Internet explorer and say could not perform this operation because mail default client is not properly installed. I am not very clued up with computers. Hope someone can help.Its frustrating.I have tried systems restored and have rung company I bought comp off as it was pre installed. They said try micro soft.Help!!

    So cant anyone help?
    Tuesday, February 16, 2010 12:31 AM