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  • I didn't know what forum to post this suggestion so I thought WP forum is the most relevant since Cortana is only implemented on windows phone at the moment. 

    Anyhow, my suggestion is that Microsoft should regard Cortana as one of its most important assets. It is a great source of competitive advantage and by nurturing it and implementing it to all Microsoft devices (Including the smart watch you guys are working on! Yes, saw the patents :-)) Microsoft can finally turn its fortunes around and change its brand image from an underdog to an Innovative differentiated company. To put it simply, Microsoft should promote Cortana as the face of the whole company. A linkage between all of the company's products and services. A true AI.

    Imagine a Microsoft TV advert with Cortana on the screen saying " I am Cortana, I'm here to ease your life, seek me" and then all the Microsoft's products rush backward like everything is in a wormhole.  That's gonna be awesome!

    Hope my suggestions are helpful, had these ideas and thoughts on the potential of Cortana since it came out.


    Edit: Seems like I made a mistake and accidently posted to Windows Live.  Can you Mods please move this post to Windows Phone? cheers 

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