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  • I have WHS 2011 recent install, so please bear with me.
    I had everything running ok and could see the media library when logged in through the launchpad on any PC.
    I installed WP7 connector yesterday and again could see the media library (music, photos and video).
    Just had a near heart attack as I installed the WP7 connector on my wifes phone this evening and couldnt see any media, so checked mine and likewise can't see any media.
    Ive logged onto the server and heart attach over, all the photos and music are there in the shared folders, but through what ever form I look to see the media library (ive remote accessed through client PC as well as through the WP7) there is no media library. All shows as 0 files.
    I can see everything else, users, sever/pc's etc. But no media??
    Any ideas??

    Only other thing ive recently changed was I installed Windows Live Mesh and have setup sync to Pictures and Musics off client pc's.

    Im sure this morning when I looked at the media library it was all there????

    Help....im going slightly mad tyring to figure out why

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012 8:17 PM

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  • I had a similiar issue and resolved it by removing mesh of the client pc's and had to reload WHS 2011 from scratch.  Before you do the reload make sure and backup all the media files to save place. After a fresh reload everything has been working fine for over a week now.  You can add up to 10 user accounts for the web access.  You will also have to uninstall the connector on all the client pcs, reboot the pcs and reinstall the connector.  I have everything working fine for a little over a week now. 

    Good luck,

    Night Owl

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